Group of companies NISSE (НИСИПП) consists on the following organisations:

  • Information-Consulting Center "Business-Tezaurus" (ICC "Business-Tezaurus") (was found in 1998)
  • National Institute for System Study of Entrepreneurship (NISSE) (was found in 2001)
  • Institute of Strategic Analysis and Development of Entrepreneurship (ISARP) (was found in 2014)
  • School of System Management (was found in 2015)
  • Company "O2Consulting"

Our team has practice of implementation of more than 400 consulting projects under grants and contracts of:

  • International organisations: World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland), USAID, World Bank (Doing Business and others), Eurasia Foundation, FIAS project, TACIS and others
  • The Government of the Russian Federation: Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Federal Service of State Statistics, Federal Antimonopoly Service and others
  • Governments of the Russian regions: the Government of Moscow and more appr. 30 regions
  • Scientific and Expert organisations: Higher School of Economy, Leontyev Center and others

We suggest following services for Foreign and Russian partners:

  1. Joint research, including analysis of legislation and application practice in Russia (comparing with other countries), proposals for harmonisation of legislation in the following main spheres:
    • Development of SME
    • Administrative reform (including optimization of the state and municipal functions)
    • Regulatory Impact Analysis
    • Technical regulation and standartization
    • Development of information and communication technologies, E-Government.
    • Investment activity
    • Improvement of the land and property regulation
    • Development of the innovation activity
    • Anticorruption policy and reduction of the corruption risks in public sector
    • Regional policy
    • Competitive policy
    • Industrial policy and others
  2. Services for investors and companies, working and planning to work in Russia:
    • GR services
    • Consulting and legal support
    • Preparing of analytical reports for different industries (spheres) of Russian economy
    • Preparing of analytical reports for different Russian regions (including comparisons with the regions of other countries)
  3. Marketing and sociological survey