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The extraterritorial application of european competition law

Moscow 2007

with Foreword by I. Artemyev - Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Russian Federation
Edited by Demetrius A. M.-A. Floudas - Team Leader, Approximation of Competition Rules, Russian Federation

Published in the Russian Federation by Approximation of Competition Rules, Russian Federation EUROPEAID/119673/S/CV/RU (2005/103-919)

A Project financed by the EU Tacis Programme

Executed by a consortium led by European Profiles SA, Athens Greece

In association with Emerging Market Groups sprl (Belgium), Altair Assesores (Spain), Centre for European Constitutional Law - Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation (Greece) and Information Consulting Centre "Business Tezaurus" (Russia)


This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the publishers, the editor and the contributors and can in no way be construed as a reflection of the views of the European Union, the European Commission or their organs.


Many thanks to Dr Igor Artemyev, Head of FAS, for accepting to compose the Foreword to this compilation. His kind commentary is a solicitous accolade for the work of our team -not only in this published tome but throughout the whole project; and at the same time it serves as an eminently discernible testimony that the cooperation between the Competition Project and its Russian counterparts remained cordial, fruitful and rewarding throughout.

The Team, moreover, wish to express their appreciation to the Delegation of the European Commission in Moscow for their active backing of the Competition Project.

The preliminary concept of this collection is based on a working paper by Prof. Vincenzo Scordamaglia. We have all benefited from his considerate judgement and remain in admiration of his generous and gentlemanly demeanour. Special recognition is likewise due to Mrs. Galina Tsyganova for keeping us well looked-after, well-organised and sane through thick and thin.

This endeavour has benefited from the involvement of the Rev. Peter Prabhu, Vice-President, HHGLS, with his steadfast dedication to the common cause, and Prof. A. Karatza with Bogy, who hold the fort valiantly. In addition, the editor is grateful for comments received at various stages of the process from Dr Uwe Sch?nherr, of the German Foreign Ministry, Tatiana Khovrenko, FBDICMA, A. Teplitsky of PWC, Prof. M. Dent & Prof. V. Lissniak of ABLE, Moscow, and S. Solomakha, of the Russian Securities Institute; whereas Miss P. Kimbel of Queens' College, Cambridge, cross-checked certain translation matters and Mrs T. Svinarchuk, European Profiles, was invariably quick off the mark.

I gladly acknowledge the excellent relationship we maintained with Alexey Sushkevich of FAS, without whose benign authority, scholarly disposition and conspicuous integrity this project would have been so much more strenuous.

I remain heavily indebted to Stefanos Ioakeimides for his unwavering confidence in my person and his thoughtful and compassionate way of dealing with every eventuality. His commitment and diligence helped us ensure very successful results. I should also personally thank Andreas Andrianopoulos and Tasos Mantelis for their unfailing encouragement and for generously sharing with me their vast experience.

Finally, all credit is due to the individual contributors of this book, who believed in what we were doing and amiably committed their efforts.

Red Square, Autumnal Equinox 2007

ISBN: 978-5-903352-29-6
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