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Сектор МСП: Банковское кредитование и государственная финансовая поддержка


Implementation of the activities to review and assess the current system providing public services by the municipal authorities in four pilot regions of the Russian Federation (Krasnodar, Republic of Karelia, Tver and Tyumen)

1. Participate in the meetings and discussions of the WG on Public Services (including video-conferences, e-mail) and contribute to the development of the methodology for conducting the survey; based on the agreed methodology collect and analyse data and specific cases of corruption factors and trends in provision of public services at the municipal level
2. Jointly with the international expert draft a Technical Paper analysing the main findings of the survey, based on the collected data referred to in point 1 above, and provide recommendations for reform
3. Jointly with the international expert update the Technical Paper based on comments, inputs and concrete cases received from national stakeholders following the consultation process in order to further enrich and expand the survey
4. Participate in a workshop to present and discuss main findings and recommendations of the Technical Paper referred to in point 2 above; and if necessary, update jointly with the international expert the Technical Paper in light of comments and additional information received during the workshop

Technical Paper «Corruption Risks in Municipal Services Provided to Business Entities»
Консорциум компаний по цифровизации социальной сферы
Учебник "Национальная экономика"


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