Development of the innovation activity

Since 2004 NISSE’s experts have been busy with research in the sphere of innovation policy of the state, the development of small innovation business and infrastructure promoting scientific and technical activities in the Russian Federation.

Within this framework NISSE’s experts had carried out the work devoted to the study of the infrastructure of support of small innovation entrepreneurship in the city of Moscow, the research of the potential overseas market channels for small science-intensive entrepreneurship of Moscow, a number of guidance papers have been prepared.

The following projects have been implemented:

  • Strategy development and programed development of the Altai regional dairy cluster (customer - Regional state budgetary institution Altai Center of Cluster Development)
  • Expertise of applications from commercial organizations, claiming the status of Management company of Technopolis, technological Park or industrial Park, as well as legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, applying for obtaining the status of Resident of Technopolis, technological Park or industrial Park (customer - Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow).
  • The assessment role of the territorial Chambers of Commerce and Industry and associations of entrepreneurs in the development of innovation infrastructure (customer – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation).
  • The development of a methodology in competitive selection and order of carrying out examination of innovative products of small and medium enterprises (customer – NP (non-profit partnership) Agency on Development of Innovative Entrepreneurship in the framework of the implementation of the contract with the Department of Support and development of small and medium entrepreneurship of Moscow).
  • The development ways of attracting small and medium- sized businesses to innovation activities (customer – Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation).
  • Technical-organizational and scientific-methodical support of realization of Complex program of creation of innovation system in Moscow for 2008-2010 (customer – Department of science and industrial policy of Moscow).

A big number of researches of segments of small and medium business implemented by NISSE, contain the components, concerning entrepreneurship in the scientific and technological sphere.

Currently NISSE offers services in the sphere of innovation policy for the Federal Executive authorities and the Highest bodies of Executive powers of territorial entities of the Russian Federation, including the works on:

  • the development of mechanisms of stimulation of innovation activity of business, expert support of their implementation, and the development of the corresponding regulatory legal acts;
  • the analysis of the development of small and medium business in the innovation sector;
  • the analysis of the Russian and foreign markets of the high technology products;
  • the efficiency of analysis of functioning of the system to support the innovative business, its certain directions and elements.

Key Experts