Our technologies

Study of best practices

  • Analysis of institutional experience
  • Analysis of regional experience
  • Analysis of foreign experience

IT consulting

  • Software Development
  • Creation of process and information models for authorities
  • Survey of official sites of state bodies
  • Visualization of government activity
  • The design and content of information systems, portals, databases, etc.
  • Expertise of solutions for e-government
  • Survey of information systems

Development of regulation

  • Analysis and expertise of legislation
  • Development of methodical documents
  • Development of technical regulations
  • Development of administrative regulations
  • Development of normative legal acts
  • Analysis of arbitral awards practice

Training of civil servants

  • Preparation of reference books, textbooks
  • Organisation of training games
  • Conduct of workshops, training seminars, trainings


  • Staff number optimization
  • Development of mechanisms of servants rotation
  • Preparation of functions and services registers
  • Administrative procedures optimization
  • Horizontal and vertical functional analysis
  • Description of the administrative processes

Organisation of events

  • Organisation of conferences, round tables, seminars, etc.


  • Preparation of ratings
  • KPI development
  • Evaluation of subordinate enterprises and institutions
  • Evaluation of the authorities activities
  • Evaluation of programs, including Regulatory Impact Analysis


  • Analysis of different industries
  • Monitoring


  • Development of forecasts

Sociological surveys

  • Survey "Photo of the day"
  • Survey of passenger traffic
  • Organisation of control purchases
  • Organisation of focus groups
  • Different types of interview

Strategic design

  • Development of strategic, conceptual and programming documents