Tseren V. Tserenov

About the Expert

Date of birth: 24th of March, 1972


  • Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and mathematics,1989-1994
  • National Research University "Higher School of Economics", Faculty of public administration, 1995 – 1997

Professional experience:

  • The Ministry of economic development and trade of Russian Federation, The head of department of new economy and corpotare governance, 1997-2006
  • The Department of transport and communications of the Tver region, The head of department, 2007-2011
  • Since 2011, National Institute for System Study of Entrepreneurship (NISSE), Actual position – Vice-President

Spheres of competence:

  • Administrative reform (including optimization of the procurement activity of the government)
  • Technical regulation and standartization
  • Development of information and communication technologies, E-Government
  • Investment activity
  • Development of the innovation activity
  • Consulting and legal services for private companies including optimisation of business, marketing services and others

Realised projects:

Was member of project teams for more than 50 projects, including:

  • Projects in sphere of consulting and legal services for private companies including optimisation of business, marketing services and others.
  • The analysis and development of suggestions to provide system- engineering solutions of system-112 with the requirements in place (customer - Ministry of Emergency of the Russian Federation).
  • Expertise of applications from commercial organizations, claiming the status of Management company of Technopolis, technological Park or industrial Park, as well as legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, applying for obtaining the status of Resident of Technopolis, technological Park or industrial Park (customer - Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow).
  • inquiry on the use of information technologies and information and telecommunication networks (customer - Federal State Statistics Service).
  • The development of scientific methods of determination of effective ways of urban data processing (customer – Department of Information Technologies of the City of Moscow).
  • The Assessment of the provision of small business with financial services in Moscow (customer – the Russian Microfinance Centre).
  • The development of quantitative and qualitative criteria of implementation efficiency of the main measures of the Federal Air Transport Agency concerned with the transition from the Aeronautical Information Service for the Flight Information Service in the Russian Federation (customer - Federal Air Transport Agency).
  • The development of policy guidelines on the implementation of information systems and executive procedure automation in the areas of housing and communal services, urban amenities and property of the city of Moscow (customer – The Higher School of Economics in behalf of the Department of information technologies of the city of Moscow).
  • The development of strategy for e-government’s growth in Moscow region (customer - Ministry of State Administration, Information Technologies and Communication of the Moscow region).
  • Suggestions for the improvement of laws that connected with the deregulation of business activity (On the protection of the rights of legal and individual entrepreneurs during the procedure of the government control / supervision activities / (customer – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation).
  • The execution of examination of design approaches, being created in the framework of the Federal Target Program E-Russia (customer - Federal Agency on information technologies).