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Сектор МСП: Банковское кредитование и государственная финансовая поддержка


Develop and/or recommend improvements to administrative regulations for business in Republic of Kalmykiya

The tasks include:
- prepare drafts of selected administrative regulations or propose improvements to existing ones.
- access adequacy of developed administrative regulations and compare them with international and Russian best practices, where applicable, in particular, in organization of the so called municipal land supervision and control in accordance with the Law #294FZ on the protection of rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in carrying out the state controls (supervision) and municipal controls.
- upon completion of the assignment prepare a presentation and a discussion in the region devoted to developed/improved administrative regulations.
- travel to the region is mandatory.

The Consultant’s deliverables will include but not necessarily be limited to:
a) A short note on the current regulatory practice in Kalmykiya on:
- the public service delivery in the republic in general;
- receiving services by businesses (or organizations representing them)
- drafting, approval and introduction of public service delivery standards (“reglaments”) at different levels of the executive branch
b) Drafts of “reglaments” for procedures (not less than two) to be selected in consultation with the client to be discussed with interested parties;
c) A list of interviewed public and private sector representatives with comments;
d) A list of participating organizations with comments on their roles;
e) A final report summarizing the current practice, proposed changes and feasibility of their adoption
f) A short Power Point presentation based on the summary report; and
g) Short-notice briefs/presentations/notes on specific issues as may be requested by the TTL.
Консорциум компаний по цифровизации социальной сферы
Учебник "Национальная экономика"


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