Development of SME

The experts of the National Institute for System Studies of Entrepreneurship (NISSE) have got the considerable experience in the sphere of informational, analytical, methodical and organizational support of the development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation.

Since the company was founded in 2001, we had been realized over 60 projects that aimed for the research and support of the activities of small and medium business’ subjects, which are:

  • The development of mechanisms which stimulating export activities for small and medium -sized enterprises of the city of Moscow (customer – HSE (Higher School of Economics)).
  • The investigation of the infrastructure of SME supporting system in territorial entities of Russia (customer – SME Bank).
  • Methodical provision ensuring expansion of the export potential for small enterprises of Vologda region (customer – Economic Department of Vologda region).
  • The Assessment of the provision of small business with financial services in Moscow (customer – the Russian Microfinance Centre).
  • The key legal regulation issues in the development of self-employment and SME (small and medium enterprises) (customer – the Russian Microfinance Centre).
  • Suggestions for the development of micro financial organizations and microfinancing sectors in Russia’s regions (the role of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry) (customer – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation).
  • The development of a comprehensive set of measures on the motivation of economic diversification (customer – the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation).
  • The development of the supporting system of SME in Orenburg region (customer – the Government of Orenburg region).
  • The research of the life cycle of a small enterprise (customer – the Liberal Mission Fund).
  • Suggestions for the improvement of laws that connected with the deregulation of business activity (On the protection of the rights of legal and individual entrepreneurs during the procedure of the government control / supervision activities / (customer – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation).
  • The preparation of analytical materials and drafts of legislative and other regulatory acts (customer – Moscow Small Business Support Department).
  • Mechanisms of small and medium-size businesses attraction to innovation activity (customer – Executive office of the President of the Russian Federation for the benefit of the Apparat of the Government of the Russian Federation).
  • Development of draft regional target program Improving the quality of federal and municipal services based on MFCs established in the Novgorod Region for 2009-2011 (customer – Novgorod Region Committee of State Civil Service).
  • The Assessment of the shadow turnover’s share in small enterprises and the suggestions on its cutting in the light of tax policy, the policy of deregulation and corruption level decreasing (customer – the Moscow Public Science Fund).
  • Special tax regimes for small business. Legislative and law-enforcement practice in Russia and abroad. Concepts, recommendations, and suggestions (customer – the Moscow Public Science Fund).
  • Optimization of municipal procedures regulating entrepreneurial activities in Nizhneserginskiy Municipality of Sverdlovsk oblast (joint program by Eurasia Foundation and SUAL-Holding company).

The Institute’s experts have a great experience in this area, including:

  • the analysis of legal regulation (both Federal, and regional levels),
  • the study of law-enforcement and judicial practices,
  • the program development for support of small enterprises,
  • the development of proposals improving conditions of doing business and reducing administrative barriers
  • the development of proposals for adjustment of current regulations (both Federal and regional levels).

Other optional directions of NISSE’s works in the area of development promotion of small and medium- sized entrepreneurship are:

1. The program of development for the support of small and medium -sized entrepreneurship in the subject of the Russian Federation (municipal entity), including:

  • municipal development and support programs for small and medium- sized entrepreneurship;
  • programs for stimulation of foreign economic activity in small and medium- sized enterprises;
  • programs for support of the small innovation enterprises, including the foundation of supportive infrastructure.

2. The improvement of statutory regulation in the area of support and development of small and medium -sized entrepreneurship, including:

  • the application of mechanisms of correctional standard assessment of statutory regulations’ impact on business and competitive environment and advancement in government body’s activities;
  • appraisement of statutory regulations being in force and being developed in order to comply with other regulations, including the preparation of proposals, aimed at avoiding administrative barriers defeating business activities;
  • process optimization aimed at state power exercising related to the regulation of business, including implementation of control and supervision and conversion of public (municipal) services into electronic form.

3. The assessment of the level of development of small and medium- sized enterprises in a region, including:

  • the index figure analysis of small and medium- sized enterprises’ development, and its industrial composition;
  • the assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of implemented supportive measures for small and medium-sized enterprises, their impact on social and economic development of the region;
  • the preparation of the forecast of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the short- to long- term prospect.

4. The examination of small and medium-sized enterprises and the infrastructure -supportive organizations , including:

  • identification of actual problems related to business activities;
  • entrepreneurs’ need analysis in various supportive measures , borrowing including;
  • cost estimate of overcoming administrative barriers defeating small business development;
  • monitoring the activities of organizations, forming the infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises’ support;
  • the assessment of the potential impact and aftereffects of Russia’s WTO accession on the activities of subjects of small and medium- sized enterprises and the regional economy.

5.The survey of needs in fund raising of small and medium- sized business entities, including :

  • the identification of the current consumer preferences of SME in the sphere of financial support;
  • SME’s lending market ‘s analysis, including the assessment of the demand for various types of financial services;
  • the assessment of SME’s demand for services of micro-financial and guarantee lenders;
  • the assessment of SME’s awareness of the supportive micro-financial and guarantee lenders’ means;
  • the identification of major causes of inadequate demand for various SME’s services and the determination of the potential service providers.

6. The creation of procedural framework for the development of microfinancing technique in small enterprises, including:

  • the development of statutory acts and policy documents aimed at microlending development;
  • the assessment of efficiency of the ongoing programs for microfinancing development ;
  • studying needs and the demand for microfinancing services, the evaluation of the market size and capacity of microfinance services for small business.

7.The preparation of the performance basis and other necessary documents for the foundation of development institutions and supportive infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises, including:

  • investment funds (direct, mixed or venture capital investments);
  • microfinancing funds;
  • guarantee funds (funds of guarantees);
  • other supportive objects of infrastructure (business incubators, technological clusters, industrial and investment sites, etc.).

Key Experts